BlackBerry phones are apparently still a thing, and two new models are coming out this year

In the past decade, it seems all of us have our iPhones or Android-equivalent tethered to our hands, stuck in a fierce debate about which is the superior smartphone. But there are some of us who will always miss our good old BlackBerry…and this news is for you, BBM lovers. BlackBerry phones are amazingly still a thing, and you can get your hands on the newest model this year.

Sure, it might feel like a relic of a time when we all logged into MySpace and each text cost our parents money (sorry, mom and dad!), but we don’t think we’re alone when we say that we genuinely loved our BlackBerrys. In fact, Kim Kardashian mourned her BlackBerry when it finally died in 2016, and she’s pretty much the queen of the digital age.

Turns out, BlackBerry has never truly gone away, and the company behind them plans to release two new models by the end of 2018…and yes, they’ll feature the good-old QWERTY keyboard we all know and love.

If you’re sick of Autocorrect making weird ducking mistakes, you may want to grab yourself a shiny new BlackBerry when TCL releases their new version this year.

Will 2018 be the year we all BBM our friends again?!

Executives seem to be aware that they’re entering a stiff marketplace these days, but they’re committed to giving us the BlackBerry we remember from our youth, hopefully with updated specs for a new era.

Francois Mahieu, deputy president and general manager of global sales and regional marketing for TCL’s BlackBerry business said, “We want to build a keyboard category.” But if you’re still into your touchscreen model, they’re releasing the all-touchscreen BlackBerry Motion, which will hit Amazon and Best Buy on January 12th.

Who knows, maybe this time next year we’ll all be using a real keyboard again…only time will tell!