Blackberry and Basil Martini is Red Carpet Ready for Oscar Night

Oscar night is no ordinary award show, and the cocktail you sip while celebrating the glamour of Hollywood should be anything but ordinary, too. This martini is so beautiful and so delightfully sweet that it should take home the award for best performance in a martini glass!

There’s a little bit of work to do ahead of time – but what actress worth her handprints on Hollywood Blvd. isn’t doing that before heading down the red carpet, anyway? You’ll want to make our homemade Sweet and Sour Mix, a blend of fresh-squeezed lemons, limes, and Truvia that should replace the jug of mixer in your pantry immediately. It makes more than enough for you to share with your entire watch party.

You’ll also want to have plenty of plump, juicy blackberries and bright basil leaves on hand – because this is where the magic of this cocktail happens. A swift flick of the wrist is the only other ingredient, necessary for putting your best martini shaker to work.

You’ll muddle the blackberries and basil together – this is key! This releases all of the juice of the berries while expressing the oils of the basil leaves that give them that intoxicating lemony, peppery aroma. To this add ice, the Sweet and Sour Mix, and ice cold vodka. Shake it like a winner waving at his mom from the podium and you’ve got THE martini for your Oscar party.

Blackberry and Basil Martini

Serves 2

1. Add the blackberries and basil to a shaker and muddle together until you’ve extracted as much juice as possible.

2. Add ice and Sweet and Sour Mix with vodka. Shake vigorously.

3. Pour through the strainer into two martini glasses.

We ditched the salty olives for this classy martini and used blackberries to garnish the glass. We also used a lemon to wet the glass and rimmed them in Truvia for a delicately sweet finishing touch!

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Recipe and article by Brandi Koskie, photos by Dana Shultz for

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