The Smithsonian is adding props from Black Panther — because yes, this movie will be part of history forever

To say that Black Panther, the record-smashing superhero spectacle, made a mark on the world would be an understatement. Everyone knows that the film is a cultural phenomenon of epic proportions, and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture — one of the most prestigious museums in the world — has decided to enshrine some items from the set to cement its place in history. Yup, #WakandaForever has just taken on a whole new meaning.

Smithsonian has recently acquired a number of props from the movie to add to its collection.

Items include the Black Panther signature suit worn by King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) in Captain America: Civil War and early sequences of Black Panther, a signed shooting script, a small chunk of the spec script, and 24 high-resolution production photographs that documented the filmmaking process.

According to the museum, the items will be available for viewing at their first-ever African American Film Festival, which will run from October 24th through October 27th, 2018. Plans to display the Black Panther costume on a permanent basis are also under consideration.

"'Black Panther' illustrates the progression of blacks in film, an industry that in the past has overlooked blacks, or regulated them to flat, one-dimensional and marginalized figures," a statement from the Smithsonian read. "The film, like the museum, provides a fuller story of black culture and identity."

Museum curator Rhea Combs further explained their decision to showcase Black Panther items in the exhibit.

"I think the film presented notions of African regality, dignity, modernity and respect for culture and tradition that many people felt proud to see represented onscreen," she said. "The film festival is as much about celebrating and honoring the past as it is about recognizing and representing the promise of tomorrow, which is precisely what Black Panther represented as well."

The Smithsonian African American Film Festival will feature screenings, engaged discussions, presentations, and masterclasses about the art of filming, editing, and storytelling. The final lineup has yet to be announced, but you can go ahead and visit the official website for future announcements.

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