“Black Panther” has two end credit scenes, so don’t leave the theater right away

Ever since Nick Fury showed up in Tony Stark’s house and boomed, “I’m here to talk about the Avengers Initiative,” we’ve just come to know (and love) that Marvel movies will include some sort of end credit scene — if not multiple end credit scenes. These scenes started off as just for fun, and then Marvel started using them to tease upcoming movies in exciting ways that leave us craving so much more.

Marvel’s latest, Black Panther, is no exception — so don’t you DARE leave before the end of the end credits. In total, Black Panther has two end credit scenes, and both are not only important to the movie they follow, but also tease the Marvel movie coming next, Avengers: Infinity War. 

From here on out, there are spoilers ahead.

Much of Black Panther deals with the question of whether the nation of Wakanda — which has been hidden away forever — should expose itself to the world and, subsequently, share its resources. Wakanda is incredibly advanced, and its technology could improve the lives of millions across the Earth. The first end credit scene shows us that yes, Wakanda is ready for this.

T’Challa, accompanied by Okoye and Nakia, pays a visit to the United Nations, and in front of a room full of delegates (including the very alive Everett Ross, thanks to Shuri’s help) tells them that he doesn’t want Wakanda to be isolated anymore. Someone in the audience asks what Wakanda has to offer the world, and T’Challa just smirks.

The second end credit scene ties in a little bit more to Infinity War, because it features everyone’s favorite anti-hero with luscious locks, Bucky Barnes. If you remember at the end of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers brought Bucky to Wakanda, where he was once again placed “on ice.” At the time, Bucky was still very much a danger to himself — AND EVERYONE ELSE — and felt that the best thing to do would be to go under again.

Now, Bucky’s awake. How and why, we’re not sure, but it’s clear that with Shuri’s help, Bucky’s getting the rehabilitation he needs, and hopefully a new arm, too. (Actually, we know he gets a new arm, because he has a new arm in the Infinity War trailers.) And if you’re like, “Oh wow, I can’t wait that long for another Marvel movie to hit theaters, I need to know about Wakanda and Bucky’s arm *right now*” you’re in luck, because Infinity War is out in 77 days.