9 Black-Owned Health and Wellness Brands You Need to Follow on TikTok

Whether you're in the market to buy crystals or bath teas.

It’s safe to say TikTok has a hold on all of us. The social media app of choice for Gen Zers was the most downloaded app in 2020. Besides introducing me to Dua Lipa (I know…), the app has helped me find so many amazing Black-owned health and wellness brands that I may have never heard of.

But even though the health and wellness spa industry reached a market size of $18 billion in the U.S. in 2020, BIPOC-owned wellness businesses are rarely acknowledged, as the face of the wellness industry is undoubtedly white. It can be hard to find Black-owned health and wellness businesses to support, but apps like TikTok make it easier.

To help, I’ve gathered a few of the most amazing Black wellness and health businesses and brands I have found after hours of procrastination research for you to follow. If you want to find more, make sure to follow the #BlackOwnedBusiness hashtag, and don’t forget: support small businesses, support women-owned businesses, and support Black-owned businesses.

Best Black-owned wellness brands to follow on TikTok:

Nappily Naturals Apothecary

As a Los Angeles-based, family-owned apothecary, Nappily Naturals makes and sells USDA-certified organic herbal blends alongside teas, oils, and natural bath and body products.

As Above Essentials

This small, Oakland-based shop has a variety of handmade natural health supplements such as sea moss gel, which has seen a rise in popularity in recent years.

With Love, Imoni

Imoni is Swahili for “faith,” which is exactly what the owner of Imoni had when she quit her job at a large body care retailer and started making all-natural products in her kitchen. She makes delicious whipped body butters, colognes, and scrubs in amazing scents and cute packaging. What’s not to love?

Love Gemzy

Ancient Sumerians used crystals in both medicine and magic, and multiple cultures believe crystals have healing properties. This shop sells a variety of ethically-sourced crystals including jasper, moonstone, and agate.

Empire Cathedral

This handmade soap brand has gone viral several times for its beautiful, multi-color soaps in heavenly scents such as caramel mocha and turmeric citrus.

As Well

Have you ever heard of “bath tea?” It’s an herbal blend you pour in your bath to soak. This small shop makes a balancing bath tea along with soaps to help you purify and unwind after a long day.

Melanated by T

Who doesn’t love a good exfoliant? Melanated by T makes a variety of all-natural body scrubs in scents such as coffee, rose, and watermelon.

Mixed with Black

MWB sells an array of imaginative and aesthetically pleasing all-natural face and body products, like a Jade Earth Masque adorned with dried rose and ylang-ylang flowers.

Rich Sol Foods

Tapping into ancestral healing recipes and techniques, Rich Sol Foods sells organic herbal blends aimed at supporting healthful digestion, fertility, and immunity.