Here’s all the crap you need to get rid of by Friday’s black moon

In case you missed it, tomorrow is the Black Moon, a somewhat rare celestial event that occurs approximately every thirty-two months. The Black Moon simply refers to the second new moon of every month, and although technically every new moon is a black moon (new moons occur when the sun and the moon are aligned on the same side of the earth, rendering the moon a dark spot in the sky), this one has capital letters and comes with some major boosts in certain energies.

It’s thought that the Black Moon increases the potency of spells (yeah, we’re talkin’ magic here, folks — but the good, real, in-touch with nature kind – not the Harry Potter sort, although if you have a lead on how to get into that, let us know, thanks.)

New moons are also a potent time for banishing spells, which makes the Black Moon a doubly perfect time for getting rid of everything in your life that isn’t bringing you joy or helping you grow.


In preparation for the Black Moon, here’s a list of all the things you should take a hard look at, and use the banishing energy boost from Mother Nature on Friday to help lead you into October with a clean slate.

1. All of your old clothes.


There are more than a few techniques to help you clean out your closet, but they all come down to ‘just do it’! Take everything out of your closet, whether that means breaking it into small chunks (shirts one day, pants the next, then accessories) or throwing everything into a pile on your floor and sorting through it all at once. Really think about what you love, what you need to keep for special occasions, and what makes you feel just plain blah.

Get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need that doesn’t make you feel like you can take over the world when you have it on!

2. Everything in your house or apartment that you don’t need (especially if it doesn’t make you happy).


This is definitely one task we wish we had Wingardium Leviosa to help us complete. Once you’ve finished going through your closet, do the same thing to your living (or work!) spaces! Anything you’ve been hanging on to but don’t really need — papers, knick knacks, keepsakes you don’t really want to keep — should at least go into (well-organized) storage.

Your living space should be somewhere you feel calm, comfortable, and happy. If there’s anything around you that doesn’t do this, use the power of the Black Moon to find the motivation to banish it.

3. Toxic relationships – whether that means friends, significant others, exes, or family members.


We all have them, guys. Friends who you’ve only stayed in touch with out of a sense of obligation. Acquaintances it feels like a chore to see. Exes you probably should’ve cut out of your life but haven’t been brave enough to. Relatives who yell at you about your political leanings on Facebook. Anybody who devotes time to breaking you down rather than building you up doesn’t deserve to be in your life.

Whether you need to call or write them to let them know that you’re “breaking up” with them, or to politely tell them you’re busy when they ask to spend time together, you’ve got to do it. You’ll be SO much happier without other people trying to bring you down.

4. Fetch.




LET THEM GO. ALL OF THEM. BANISH THEM FROM YOUR THOUGHTS AND STOP THEM FROM SUCKING THE JOY OUT OF YOUR DAY. If it’s not something you can change and it’s making you unhappy, you’ve got to let it go.

It sounds cliche, but life is waaaaaay too short to spend it fussing over minutiae, especially when it’s in the past.

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