The black moon is coming this Friday and here’s exactly what that means for all of us

If you, like countless other smitten kittens, were ensconced in a Twilight haze way back during your impressionable teen days, you may be more familiar with moon cycles than most. But, even those who can distinguish a new moon from an eclipse might be a bit perplexed by the imminent black moon that’s coming this Friday.

It sounds ominous, intriguing, and also totally on brand, being that it’s coming to a sky near you just in time for Halloween season.

And as it turns out, Twihards, according to The Weather Channel, “all new moons [are] black”– but a black moon isn’t a new moon. At least, not exactly.

They explain that a new moon “is the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle that lasts 29.53 days.” As for a black moon, the site goes on to relay that this type of moon is “different” because it’s “the second new moon in a single month, season or year.” And, like that ex-boyfriend you can’t shake, it only comes around, approximately, “every 32 months.”


While the scientific front is fun and informative, the more spiritual and paranormal aspect of what black moons represent is arguably even cooler.

According to People, “Wiccans consider the black moon to be a special time that enhances the potency of spells and rituals, while others believe nothing magical should be performed during a black moon.” If the latter is truly the case, perhaps erring on the side of caution this coming Friday is best.

And, sure, maybe Edward, Bella, and Jacob aren’t directly related to any of this, but it’s still quite interesting to know that there is something otherworldly about a black moon, after all.

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