Black Moon Cosmetics is coming out with a bewitching eyeshadow palette

Spring is in full swing, and so is our love for pastel makeup. We might not know the makeup colors quite yet, but the Black Moon Cosmetics Orb of Light Full Moon palette looks amazing! The indie beauty brand won our hearts with their liquid lipstick, and are venturing into eye products as well. We are totally obsessed with the Black Moon Cosmetics Cosmic EyeDust, and now we are getting an entire palette!

They say not to judge a palette by its package, but this one looks gorgeous. Black Moon enlisted the opinions of fans on social media to choose the finish of the eyeshadows. The Full Moon palette (the first from the company) will have eight pressed matte shadows.

The name Orb of Light has us hoping for some bright pastels!

The front logo was designed by @desnoir, a creative design studio that specializes in dark aesthetics. We love the pastel lettering on the black palette. Black Moon Cosmetics always has a magical holographic flair. It seems that no matter how ~dark~ a company may be, everyone loves pastels in the spring!

The Full Moon Palette might be the first palette from Black Moon Cosmetics, but mentioned it won’t be the last. This palette has been worked on for over a year, and we can not wait to see the inside!

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