Netflix has renewed “Black Mirror” for Season 5, and announced it with a video that’s making us super paranoid

Cover up those laptop cameras and disconnect your phones, because Black Mirror has been renewed for a Season 5. On March 5th, Netflix announced that a Season 5 of Black Mirror was legit on the way, and it’s definitely just because it’s groundbreaking and popular, not because they’re listening to us somehow — right?

Taking our paranoia a step further, Netflix announced the new season on Twitter with a spooky teaser that reflects the series’ history.

Just announcing the next season would be too obvious, right? Why would Netflix come right out and say it’s picked up Black Mirror for a Season 5, when it could make fans jump insead? To be fair, there’s nothing outright scary about the video. Making us think twice about basic things, or happy things — like the fact that we’re getting more of our favorite TV shows — is just what the Black Mirror team does best.

Every episode of of Black Mirrorhappening at once is like a simultaneous dream and nightmare, which is kind of the show’s sweet spot. Even the “be right back” tagline is a reference to the show’s Season 2 premiere. Yay! Shudder.

TBH, though, the excitement is making us a little paranoid. Like, how can we know that Netflix renewed Black Mirror because it’s a poignant, intelligent, and super popular series? How can we be sure that the streaming service doesn’t have an intelligence team looking at our tweets, poking around our dating apps, or just keeping track of how many times we listened to “Hang The DJ” on Spotify? Wait, did you hear that? Hang on a second. Is Netflix listening to us right now? The Black Mirror Season 5 renewal is coming from inside the computer!

Just kidding. Of course the streaming service is adding another season because it’s the right thing to do. The series creators and producers are all coming back, but the rest is unknown. The number of episodes, series stars, and topics the show will tackle have not yet been announced, *including* whether the “U.S.S. Callister” spinoff is really a thing. If you have an idea for an episode, why not try whispering it into your phone? You never know; Netflix just might hear you.

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