Constant vigilance, because Netflix might drop “Black Mirror” Season 4 at literally *any second*

Over the weekend, Netflix dropped not one but *two* brand new trailers for Black Mirror Season 4. The trailers are pegged to two different episodes from the upcoming season, and it’s exciting and also stressful watching them. Because don’t forget, this is Black Mirror. The show is is anything but happy and lighthearted — and hey, at least we’ve got some time to prepare our minds, bodies, and souls before Season 4. And the release of these new trailers only begs the bigger question, just when will Black Mirror Season 4 arrive on Netflix??

It’s a good question, and it doesn’t have a good answer: No one knows. 

Seriously. No one knows when Black Mirror Season 4 will arrive on the streaming site. It’s highly feasible that Netflix is really about to pull a Beyoncé in the best way, as they have yet to announce a premiere date for the new season…even though there are trailers for it and it’s coming.

Usually, Netflix ends their “coming soon” trailers with a tag along the lines of “all episodes available [insert date here].” However, the two released for Black Mirror have nothing. Nadda. Zip. The first initial trailer released this summer simply said “coming soon” — no date.  There is literally no indication of a premiere date, but it will supposedly happen in 2017, which means that it’s going to happen in the next 34 days.

A guess as to when it might happen? This Friday. On Saturday, Netflix dropped the trailer for “Arkangel,” and on Sunday they dropped one for “Crocodile.” One trailer a day, for the next six days…all leading up to Friday, December 1st? It makes sense.

And, this makes sense because Netflix is releasing Season 2 of The Crown on December 8th, and there’s no way they’d drop TWO binge-able shows on the same day. December 15th is the release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and while that is not a Netflix original series, no one is going to be at home watching TV, because STAR WARS. Netflix wouldn’t drop a huge show on Friday, December 22nd, a mere three days before Christmas…would they? Maybe if they really want to destroy our emotions over the holidays, then sure.

So what did we just learn? Black Mirror isn’t even out yet and Netflix is toying with our emotions. Go ahead and cancel all your plans until 2018, just in case. Who knows when this binge might happen.