The last “Black Mirror” trailer is almost hopeful, and we’re feeling good about life

Netflix’s realistic sci-fi anthology Black Mirror is about to return for a fourth season (!!). The last Black Mirror trailer just dropped and, weirdly, it has us feeling kind of good about life. Sure, it’s also a little disturbing (that comes with the territory), and the black-and-white episode looks like it *might* be kinda gruesome. But it’s not all doom and gloom!

The last Black Mirror trailer features lots of romantic moments, and it’s backed by a Louis Armstrong classic.

The final trailer is heavy at times, sure, but not as much as some of its predecessors. It’s a look at all six episodes of the upcoming season, and emphasizes some of its notable guest stars (Rosemarie DeWitt, Cristin Milioti, et. al.) while just touching on the subject of each episode. More than ever, romance seems to be interwoven throughout the new season.

Is Black Mirror chilling out? Could it be?? Our world feels kind of rocked right now, TBH.

They wouldn’t play “What a Wonderful World” during a trailer if every episode was going to be dark, right? It’s a love song! An optimistic one, too. We’re feeling weirdly relieved by this. Like, the romantic moments at work here are making us feel kind of hopeful. It’s nice to have something to hang on to, right? That it’ll be more than a terrifyingly realistic look at how we interact with technology? Why yes, yes it is.

Black Mirror Season 4 premieres on Netflix on December 29th, so we’ll find out what it’s *really* about then. And you BET we’re counting down the days.

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