Jodie Foster learned that “Black Mirror” is “f*cking awesome” while filming “Black Mirror”

If you’re on the fence about the upcoming season of Netflix’s Black Mirror, how about a solid celebrity endorsement? Here’s one for you right now: According to Oscar winner Jodie Foster, Black Mirror is “fucking awesome.”

She’s not just saying that to say it, she actually knows firsthand. For Season 4 of the series (which will premiere on Netflix at…some point in the near future jk it will be out on December 29th!!), Foster steps behind the camera to direct an episode called “Arkangel” (she’s also the first female director to helm an episode in the series). But if you think she came to the project because she’s a longtime fan, you’re wrong. Foster had never even heard of it.

During a Netflix press event last month, Foster was asked what she learned while making her episode, and without missing a beat, she told the group of reporters the most important thing she learned is that the show is “fucking awesome.” Agreed.

"I was so happy to discover it," Foster explained. "I didn't know anything about Black Mirror, although, I do remember people saying something about the pig episode, the pig episode. I just never watched it."

As for what brought her into the fold of the show, she happened to be having lunch with Cindy Holland, the Vice President of Content Acquisitions for Netflix, and explained that she wanted to direct a film…but also not direct a film at the same time.

"I had just come off a film and I was saying that I really wanted to go back into cable, but that I really like feature-length movies. I [wanted something] short, an hour and a half beginning, a middle, and an end. I don't always believe that every story needs to be eight seasons long. I was bemoaning the fact that there was no way to [tell that kind of story now]. I was waiting for the day when we could [do a] feature...on streaming, where all the stories are that still honor the hour and a half tradition. So, she was like, 'Oh, I have a show for you.' And she sent me Black Mirror."

Foster — who is no newcomer to Netflix, as she’s directed two episodes of Orange is the New Black, and one episode of House of Cards — jumped at the chance and loved it. And as for what we learned about her episode of Black Mirror? Well, without giving too much away…

"[The episode] is not really a condemnation to technology and what it's done to our culture. It's just the opposite, which is we have invented this thing that is emotionless, and it is a reflection, and it enhances our own psychological issues."

Black Mirror will drop on Netflix…uh, at some point. I’m not kidding, no one knows when it will be outDecember 29th!! Mark your calendars and cancel your plans.