Netflix can’t stop finding parallels between “Black Mirror” and “Friends”

If there’s anyone more eagle-eyed and more adept at spotting parallels between TV shows more than Netflix fans, it’s Netflix itself. A few months back, the streaming maven found a weird crossover between Friends and Black Mirror‘s “San Junipero.” Specifically, it pointed out that the award-winning episode had a strikingly similar plot to one of Ross Geller’s ideas.

On Friends, Ross explained that in the future, we all could “download thoughts and memories” into computers and “live forever as a machine.” If you think about it, it’s basically the premise of “San Junipero,” in which people had the option to live in a computer-generated reality.

Netflix even released a special video showing Ross’ “prediction.”

Fascinating, isn’t it? But it doesn’t stop there.

Netflix found yet *another* parallel between the two shows, and this time, it involves Black Mirror‘s “Metalhead.”

See, on “Metalhead,” dogs took over the world. They were not regular dogs. They were robotic dogs, which were apparently programmed to kill humans. You may be scratching your head thinking how on Earth that relates to an episode of Friends, but surprisingly, it does. Netflix cleverly pointed out a scene where Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel had to deal with a particularly dangerous dog — crazy even. The dog was so vicious that Phoebe even described it as a “yippity piece of crap!”

Can’t remember? Let us direct you to Season 2, Episode 21, “The One with the Bullies.”

Sure, the “crazy dog” involved isn’t predisposed to murder people, but it was sure as hell keen on attacking them. Of course, Friends wasn’t dominated by evil dogs, and it had its fair share of nice and cute ones, but the pup on “The One With The Bullies” was sure relentless.

If we can’t get a Friends reunion, can we at least get a Friends and Black Mirror crossover episode? And in the meantime, we’ll wait for Netflix to point out the next parallel.

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