The new “Black Mirror” trailer is about a dating app — so yes, this episode will be a nightmare

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a dating app. And well…that’s just about everyone. So now get ready for a new Season 4 Black Mirror episode all about a dating app in the (not so distant?) future that certainly looks cool. But this is Black Mirror. It is probably not cool, and this dating app is probably the beginning of all sorts of nightmare scenarios.

While we still have no idea when Season 4 will drop (it could be in like 15 minutes, or it could be in 15 days, who knows?), Netflix is at least sprinkling us with little teasers here and there. The latest trailer, for an episode titled “Hang the DJ,” is now the fourth one to come out — following “Arkangel,” “Crocodile,” and “Black Museum.” From the quick one-minute look, it appears as if this just might be the happiest episode of the season. Because come on, how terrifying can a dating app really be?

JK, everything about dating apps are terrifying.

In this Black Mirror future, users sign up for this unnamed service and are then ~matched~ with other users in the system. The catch? They’re actually given an expiration date for their relationship, which TBH, kinda sounds like a great idea.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat down with a date and thought to yourself, “Is this a mistake?” Except the girl in the trailer actually asks it out loud to her personal, portable dating “coach.”

So enjoy your free time today, because there are no new Black Mirror episodes to watch. And keep canceling all your plans for the rest of the year, because supposedly Season 4 will be out before the clock strikes 2018.