A new Black Mirror-inspired board game forces you to rate your friends, and this sounds treacherous

The future is now, and it’s apparently coming to us in the form of a Black Mirror-inspired board game. Fans of the sci-fi anthology series will remember the Season 3 episode entitled “Nosedive,” which starred Bryce Dallas Howard and centers on the concept that our value in society is determined by our “ranking” among our peers. The higher friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and—yes—even strangers rank you in an app, the more status you attain (in the world of the show, of course).

But now a company called Asmodee has brought the concept into the real world in the form of a game you can play with your friends.

According to Mashable, you play the game—called Nosedive—by attaining “Lifestyle” cards while attempting to curate the “perfect” life, and your friends rate you based on the lifestyle experiences you can then offer them. Yikes.


However, it at least seems as if the “rankings” are contained purely within the world/reality of the game, so hopefully it won’t create any real-life dramas (hopefully). Just maybe don’t bring it out around your most competitive friends.

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