There’s going to be a “Black-ish” spin-off with Yara Shahidi, and here’s everything we know

If you’ve ever seen ABC’s Black-ish, you know Yara Shahidi. Her character Zoey Johnson lights up the screen whenever she’s on. And it looks like the show’s creators have recognized they’ve got something special with Shahidi — and they’re ready to run with it. Because we just heard the news that Yara will be starring in her own Black-ish spinoff. It’s called College-ish and will follow Black-ish‘s Zoey‘s adventures in – yes, you guessed it – college!

College-ish has been ordered to series by ABC’s sister network Freeform.

Which, TBH, seems like the perfect choice for the vibe they’re going for.

Black-ish creator Kenya Barris had some awesome things to say to Variety about the project, praising Yara AND the network for allowing him to run with these beloved characters from the hit show:

“I never thought they’d let me put Black-ish on the air, let alone give me a spinoff. I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to continue working with Yara and the rest of this talented young cast. To any aspiring writers struggling to make it out there, I highly advise adding an ‘–ish’ to any working title you might have. It seems to be the move.

Hear that, y’all? It’s as simple as “ish.”

We know Yara Shahidi has charisma and talent in bucketloads, so no one’s worried about her carrying the show. But she won’t have to do it alone! We’re stoked because there’s potential for some star crossover between shows. Depending on how the cookie crumbles, you might just see Tracee Ellis Ross pop in for some mom time. We’ll get to see Deon Cole bless our screens as a confirmed cast member for sure.

If you’re curious about what College-ish might look like, you’re in luck!

You can check out the backdoor pilot episode that aired on Black-ish this season. We cannot wait to see Yara shine. We’re hopeful that the rest of the world will recognize her star power all on her own.