Where to get a black hooded coat like the one Taylor Swift is wearing in the “…Ready For It?” video

We know the old Taylor is gone because the new Taylor has already let us know. And while we’re still patiently waiting for the release of Taylor Swift’s next album, “Reputation,” which comes out on November 10th, we have some clues as to who this new version of the singer is.

With the release of the video “…Ready For It?”, we get an inside look into Taylor’s new prototype. Half space-age cyborg, half the cat lady we know and love, Taylor’s new self is sporting one thing we really need in our life: an oversized, black hoodie with an extra-large hood.


This video is intense. As in, we’re not quite sure what to make of it, but we enjoyed the ultra-futuristic and alien (aka Aquarian) world Taylor introduces us to. It seems like there’s a cyborg who can transform into different versions of Taylor, including one that allows her to wield lightning.

All the while, there’s the other Taylor staring in, wearing her black hoodie cloak — and making us wish we had one, too.

Even when the cyborg Taylor destroys what we *thought* was the real Taylor, the black cloak is still there, taunting us, all while we ask, “Who is the new Taylor?” Regardless, we still love what she wore to make us question everything we thought we knew. This is like Kylo Ren meets Rick Owens, and we’re here for it. Read on for your very own Tay-approved hoodie.

DressLink Meaneor “Black Drawstring Hooded Cloak,” $39.58


SheIn “Hooded Open Shoulder Sweatshirt Dress,” $15


Iuly.com “Men Black Cloak Hoodie,” $45.29


No matter what you wear, we hope you enjoy channeling the new Taylor in this look.

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