The Black Eyed Peas wrote an anti-Trump song, and it’s so hilarious

Regardless of how you feel about either presidential candidate, it’s hard to deny that this election has been stranger than ever before. Like, how is this actually our country?! Adding to the mix of horribleness this election season was Republican candidate Donald Trump’s comments about “grabbing [women] by the p*ssy.” Because it’s 2016 and one of our candidate once bragged about sexual assault. What a time, to say the least. Well, those comments are being brought up *again* and in a new form, because Trump’s words star in a new song from The Black Eyed Peas. And it’s effing hilarious.

In a music video for Funny or Die, of, of course, The Black Eyed Peas, introduces us to “GRAB’m by the P*SSY.” Featuring a sweet little kitty named Mittens, it’s seriously so hilarious.

This is one music video you just have to see for yourself.

Like, come on. in a Trump wig is beyond epic. While the candidate’s comments about assaulting women are so, so far from funny, the video does a good job of giving voice to the un-named female democratic candidate, who repeatedly reminds listeners that she’s strong, and, like, a human. Because women are also humans, something this election has proven isn’t common knowledge, somehow.

"I'm somebody's daughter, I'm somebody's boss, I could be the next president."


Is it cheesy? Yes. But is it a necessary reminder? Yep. TBH, we’re here for it.

Plus,’s follow up is KILLER. He straight up calls out Trump and the entire election.

"This is not a circus, a TV show, or a movie. This is real life."


Because this is REAL LIFE, PEOPLE. So pay attention, despite how awful everything is. And. Vote. 

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