13 adorable black cat GIFs, in honor of Friday the 13th

Black cats get an unfair reputation. According to an old wives tale, crossing a black cat on Friday the 13th is supposed to bring you bad luck – like the broken mirror/un-forwarded chain letter kind of lore that will ostensibly mess up your next seven years.

However, with millions of cats in the U.S., including many black ones, we think it’s time for this silly superstition to go. In fact, in some cultures, black cats are actually considered a good omen, not a bad one. So today let’s celebrate our raven-haired feline friends on Friday the 13th with these 13 GIFs of black cats looking hella cute.

1Wait, is that a balloon?

2Finger foods are the best

3Thumbs up

4Winter is coming

5Captive audience

6Gotta stay hydrated

7Oh, hi

8Watching, waiting, plotting

9Are we filming? Get my best angle

10Lint brushes feel so good


12I call this the “kitty paddle”