This black bear decided yesterday was the day to go to high school

A certain black bear in Bozeman, Montana, wants everyone to know he’s smarter than the average bear. Because he’s actually gone to high school. For real. He didn’t stay long enough to graduate, but still. He spent a morning there, which is 100% percent longer than most other bears attend high school. (That we know of. I mean, there are so many online classes these days. Grizzlies could be matriculating left and right. Note to self: look into wifi access in the forest.)

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the bear in question wandered onto the campus of Bozeman High School early yesterday morning, where one of the school custodians spotted him strolling across the football field. (Which made no sense at all because bears aren’t even the Bozeman High mascot…yet.)

The custodian then notified a group of school booster club members who were meeting in the cafeteria of the bear’s presence, we’re guessing by saying something along the lines of OMG BEAR! By the time they ran to the window to check things out, the bear had already moved from the football field to the side of the building where the school’s shop class is located. Maybe he smelled the wood and mistook it for THE WOODS. Or maybe he just wanted to make a rad birdhouse for some of his forest friends. Whichever, an open garage door in the custodial area near the shop class proved too hard to resist. The bear walked right inside the school, eventually finding his way to the “long hall,” Bozeman High’s main thoroughfare. “Sure enough, it was right there in the hallway,” Bozeman High Principal Kevin Conwell told the newspaper. He didn’t specify whether or not the animal had a hall pass. We’re guessing that’s a no. The bear roamed the hall and even tried to get inside a locker, we’re assuming in search of someone’s lunch rather than a calculus book. But hey, you never know. The animal was eventually lured out of the building by Gallatin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brandon Kelly and Bozeman police officer Rick Musson, but not before his visit to school was thoroughly documented by cell phone pictures and videos that were (of course) immediately uploaded to social media.

Officer Musson told the Bozeman Daily News the bear showed no signs of aggression as they herded him away from the school and even added, “It was a nice, pretty black bear.”

Why do we suddenly have a feeling that bear was gunning for Biggest Flirt? (You go, bear.)

[Image via Twitter.]

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