Blac Chyna has not one, but TWO new puppies, and we’re totally available for puppy-sitting

It’s always a good time to adopt a new puppy (or two), and no one knows that better than Blac Chyna and BFF Paige.

People let us know that Chyna got two puppies just days before she’s due to welcome her baby with Rob Kardashian! Yeah, it’s going to be a full house.

Her puppies are fluffy and white, and legitimately belong in the list of impossibly cute puppies that will make you forget 2016!

The best part is that Chyna originally thought both dogs were male, naming them Tilden and Cameron. She even exclaimed “Brotherly love!” in one of her Snapchat videos. But a trip to the vet confirmed they’re both female (easy mistake…sort of?),so now Tilden is Tilda. (Gender-neutral Cameron got to keep her name).

"Aww brotherly love!"

OMG overload of cuteness. And there’s more where that came from.

Ever since she found out the puppies are girls, Chyna has really embraced things.

"House full of girls, house full of girls!"

This is the most amazing part of all though: Chyna’s son King Cairo giving them a ride around the house in their doggy bed! Tilda and Cameron look soooo content.

And you probably wouldn’t expect Chyna to take her puppies shopping…but lo and behold! Yup, because, well…it’s Chyna.

Can you imagine Chyna and Kardashian’s daughter playing with these adorable creatures?

Because that’s bound to happen soon (and we might not be able to handle it). Congrats on your new adoptions, Blac!

HAPPY MONDAY, WORLD. If you have a dog beside you, squeeze it with love!