Blac Chyna danced with her baby bump on full display, continuing to have the most body positive pregnancy ever

It’s been quite a year for body positive pregnant celebs, and we’re SO here for it. Adding to the ranks of bodi posi pregnant queens is Blac Chyna, whose refusing to let the negative culture surrounding pregnant women’s bodies get her down. Chyna just danced proudly with her baby bump, challenging it all in the *best* way.

By now, you probably know that Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby. Throughout her pregnancy, Blac Chyna has been ah-mazing. She’s so confident and such a great role model for women who need a bit of a boost when it comes to loving their bodies.

Leave it to Blac Chyna to dance away body negativity! She looks so, so incredible, and so happy!

She’s so pregnant, and so cute. Just look at her dancing!!

So, so precious. And also so cozy. We’re so here for this. She captioned the video,

"Juju on that beat 😂"

We’re all giggles! And we’re clearly not the only ones. With five million views and counting, and a massive 24k comments, she’s clearly getting some attention for this sweet dance.

Blac Chyna’s been so amazing throughout her pregnancy, and is making major moves for body positivity.

Like, check out this ah-mazing shot of her celebrating gaining nearly 80 pounds. Having a happy, healthy baby is so much more important than stressing about gaining a healthy amount of weight.

She’s been totally unapologetic about her body, and just as confident as usual, and we have nothing but heart eyes for the mom.

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