Bjork’s insane, custom Gucci gown took 870 hours to make

If there’s one celebrity who is probably an alien, it’s Bjork. The Icelandic goddess might hail from a distant galaxy where music sounds like holographic icicles melting in slow motion, and where clothing is only made in opalescent plastics by faeries. Bjork is pretty much from the universe that Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, imagined for her. That’s because Gucci created a custom holographic dress for Bjork to wear during her music video for “The Gate,” the title track off her latest album. 

Part angelic, part ethereal, this luminous gown is even more incredible when you learn it took 870 hours to make.

The dress is done in pleated, iridescent PVC and lurex organza, giving it both depth and dimension with a lustrous, cosmic finish. The gown took 550 hours to construct, and an additional 320 hours just for embroidery.

Using over 28 meters of fabric, it’s safe to say creating this dress was no small feat. Thankfully, if there’s anyone to rival Bjork’s interstellar vision, it’s Alessandro, who also collaborated as creative director for the music video.

It’s in the music video for The Gate that we get to see the magic of this dress in action.

With its asymmetrical, star-like hem, butterfly-like bib, and holographic glow, we can say this dress is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Not even the Met Gala has offered us as much alien goth inspiration as this gown.

Are we actually sure Bjork’s not an alien? Because she looks right at home in this ensemble.

Next time we need a cosmic pick-me-up, we’ll be watching this video. Nothing soothes quite like Bjork in Gucci, floating in another dimension.