Bjork appeared as a giant avatar at a press conference and you just need to see it

It’s probably fair to say that Icelandic songstress Bjork has a reputation for being a little bit different. Remember when she dressed like an alien queen for her Governers Ball performance? Yeah. Case in point.

So it’s only natural that her arrival to the press conference for her Bjork-themed digital exhibition in London would be via a giant, rainbow-colored live avatar.

If you can’t quite picture that in your head, don’t worry. HERE IT IS!

WHOA. That is WAY COOL!  According to Pitchfork, the avatar “mirrored her movements using motion capture technology.” It’s actually pretty freaking amazing when you think about it.

In a Facebook post, Bjork explained that, “technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems.” She also talked about how happy she is working with virtual reality as a pop musician.

But wait. We need to see that avatar again.

And now… hopefully you’ve mentally prepared enough to see it TALK.

Ahhhhh! Kind of creepy… but brilliant at the same time. It’s also incredibly cool to see a female artist using technology is such a unique, creative — and well, downright awe-inspiring way. Leave it to Bjork to break down barriers and defy expectation.

And please, Bjork, KEEP BEING YOU!