This Bizarre Breakfast Hack Is Going Viral, But It Can Save You a Ton of Time

Three foods, one appliance, and an entire meal in five minutes or less.

While it may be considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast is also the one we’re most likely to rush through. When that morning alarm rings, you’ve got a million things to do before you hurry out the door — and breakfast, for most people, is usually expendable.

Well, imagine if you could make an entire breakfast in five minutes or less and not even dirty any dishes? All you need is a waffle iron and, as one video shows, you can make a protein-and-carb-packed breakfast with a little creativity…

Yes, influencers Kyle and Mistie Knight never shy away from trying a culinary trend or a wacky hack, and their latest breakfast hack has gone viral — amassing more than 6 million views and 5,000 shares.


Here’s exactly how to recreate this breakfast hack in your own kitchen:

Step 1: Heat up the waffle iron to temp at its lowest setting.
Step 2: Place a different kind of breakfast food into each of the four sections of the waffle iron. For instance, in the video, Mistie cracks an egg into one of the lower quadrants, seasoning it with salt and pepper.
Step 3: Next to the egg, place a raw cinnamon roll (like the break-apart Pillsbury ones).
Step 4: On the top two sections, place another raw cinnamon roll, and next to it, a raw turkey sausage patty.
Step 5: Grease the top part of the waffle iron.
Step 6: Close the waffle iron and cook for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, checking halfway through, until everything is cooked through.
Step 7: Remove all the foods, assemble, and enjoy!

The genius part about this breakfast hack is that you can use whatever ingredients you’d like — like biscuits or bacon — and cook them in the waffle iron.

Mistie calls her personal concoction a “yummier version of the McDonald’s McGriddle.”

“Look at this beautiful breakfast sandwich I made in the waffle maker!” Mistie exclaims, clearly proud of her creation while plating it over a stenciled snowflake made with powdered sugar.

But, don’t be fooled by her claims that this is a “healthy” breakfast just because she uses turkey sausage, brown eggs, and sugar-free syrup. This is for the person who doesn’t mind a little AM junk food.

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“This is your idea of a healthy breakfast?? 😳😳😂😂,” wrote one commenter. “The only thing remotely healthy would be the egg. The horrendous combination of cinnamon rolls and meat burger/sausage is unthinkable. And, sugar free [sic] syrup is hardly very healthy either. I like the idea though, to make a breakfast sandwich in the waffle iron.”

Indeed, Mistie takes an entire stick of butter and begins to rub it onto the top part of the waffle iron. Of course, this is so the ingredients don’t stick, but wowza, you don’t need to use that much.

The other thing to note is that many of Mistie and Kyle’s videos are more spoof than serious, so no one really knows for sure if they’re being totally serious about this breakfast meal or not.

Still, you can take this hack and use it to your own advantage on busy mornings — turning your waffle iron mashups into a breakfast sandwich or opting to eat each of your four food choices separately. And better yet? No dirty pots and pans!

If you’re always rushing through your morning routine, this time-saving meal just might be worth a shot.

Jené Luciani Sena
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