These bizarre body art optical illusions are totally scary and we can’t stop looking

Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, we’ve seen a great deal of neat optical illusions bubbling up all over the world. Nineteen-year-old artist Jordan Molina‘s optical illusions, however, will either have you cowering in fear, or in the palm of his apparently rubbery hand:

Unlike many artists, Molina shows how he creates his hand to look like other three-dimensional objects on his YouTube channel TutoDraw, and the effects are amazing (albeit, a tad horrifying).

Nonetheless, even though he takes us step by step, we can’t help but believe our eyes. As The Daily Mail writes:

There are all sorts of neat tricks to be learned from Molina’s art, ones that will likely come in handy come Halloween:

Want to terrify your friends and make them believe you’ve cut off your own fingers?

Or how about creating a giant gaping hole in the middle of your hand?

Maybe zombies really do exist… or really hungry rats

And now we’re cringing

Not all his work involves the appearance of physical pain

Regardless, you’ll be spellbound watching Molina’s artwork in process. The man really has a gift… albeit, a terrifying one!

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