Bite Beauty’s new unicorn lipstick proves the unicorn trend is still going strong

If you’re a true unicorn beauty lover, you’ll want to trot over to Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab to mix up a magical new shade for your makeup stable.

It may have been everywhere during the earlier part of the year, but the unicorn beauty trend is far from extinct. Bite Beauty, the customizable lipstick brand, has just released a limited-edition iridescent shade inspired by the mythical beasts. Our hearts are aflutter, and we must capture it posthaste.

Unicorn Pearl is a transformative shade that looks gorgeous worn alone or layered over your favorite lippie. It’s available now at the Lip Lab to mix into your custom lipstick for the perfect holiday color(a dope New Year’s Eve choice, we think).

The shimmer formula reflects different color glitters when it catches the light, blue to pink to gold to that cosmic mix that encompasses all colors. We will never get tired trippy of iridescent makeup.

It’s currently only sold in the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, but fingers crossed we can lasso one of these beauties online soon!

The shimmer in action.

We need this like, a century ago.

A little pot of magic.

To make your custom unicorn lip dreams come true.


Okay, we could just watch this psychedelic video until our phone batteries die. Just look at that bubbling cauldron of magic shimmer!

Check out Bite Beauty’s Unicorn Pearl shade in the Lip Lab now for a limited time. We’ll keep you posted on online availability and prices.