It’s time to pucker up, because Bite Beauty hinted they’re venturing into liquid lipstick

We have been obsessed with Bite Beauty’s natural, gorgeous lip products since the first time we tried them, and we’re always curious to see what innovative new products they’ll be coming out with. Thanks to an Instagram sneak peek, it looks like Bite Beauty is releasing a line of liquid lipsticks in the near future, and we’re thrilled that their impeccable lipsticks will come in a new formula.

If you’re new to the Bite Beauty train, they’re famous for creating eco-friendly, safe, nutrient-rich lipsticks that leave a small footprint on the environment. You don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals or toxins going into your mouth with these lipsticks, which is why it’s so exciting to see that they’re venturing into liquid lipstick territory.

According to InStyle, Bite Beauty Liquified Lipsticks will be available at Sephora for $24 this July.

Considering the quality of their other lipsticks, we can already imagine how velvety, creamy, and smooth their liquid lipsticks will be as well.

All of Bite Beauty’s products are made of food grade ingredients, and we’re so curious to see how that translates into their liquid lipsticks, texture-wise. They’ve already perfected the eco-friendly lipstick and balm — can they do the same with liquid lipsticks?

Bite Beauty’s Liquified Lipsticks are going to be an exciting addition to our lipstick cabinets for those of us who are lipstick aficionados and are always looking for healthy, non-toxic alternatives to the traditional liquid lip.

July can’t come fast enough.

Be on the lookout for more info, including pictures of the full lineup. InStyle explains that we have 12 new liquid lipsticks to look forward to, so we can pretty much safely assume that our favorite shades will be included.

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