“The Bitch Massage” sounds like the newest and best way to deal with PMS

We often don’t realize we’re PMS-ing until we’re in the throws of various cravings, mood swings, and general fatigue. Yet, when we do come to terms with what’s happening to our bodies, we want one thing: A cure for our various symptoms. Luckily, “The Bitch Massage” seems to be halfway there.

According to Stylecaster, The Bitch Massage was created by Lara Katsman to alleviate all the bodily effects that make PMS a bitch. It utilizes pressure points to help with circulation, your stress levels, insomnia, and emotional distress. For 60 minutes of what sounds like bliss, it costs $140 at Haven Spa, which is located at 250 Mercer Street in NYC.


Writer Jasmine Garnsworthy wrote that the massage starts with breathing techniques and aromatherapy. The massage therapist then does some neck work and makes her way down the back while a hot towel is draped over this part of the body. She focused on pressure points on the hands, back, and legs. “After about 45 minutes, I turned over to have my stomach massaged, which felt a little weird at first but did help with the cramping,” Jasmine added. “The acupressure combined with the heat did take the edge off my period pain a little, and the entire experience was certainly relaxing.

Katsman revealed that the pressure points connected to PMS are on the stomach, knees, legs, and feet. For instance, you can find one such point on top of the foot, in between the first and second toe. There are also others in these locations: four fingers above the inner ankle bone; four fingers below the kneecap, on the outside of your leg; and two fingers below the belly button.


When discussing the above, Lara stated, “According to beliefs of Chinese medicine, those points are communicating with energy channels, which are meridians, by balancing the qi flow in corresponding areas. It helps to alleviate and control pain symptoms due to PMS.

Overall, Jasmine concluded that The Bitch Massage helped with her emotional distress, but it did not completely cure her PMS symptoms. However, it did help relieve her cramps and she would definitely go back for more.

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