Birthday Twins Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross Posted the Sweetest Tributes to Each Other

They both turned 48 today and celebrated with bikini pics.

Two of our favorite people—who also just happen to be two of the most beautiful (inside and out) humans on the planet—just posted birthday dedications to each other on Instagram. Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union share the same birthday, today, October 29th, on which they both turned 48. To celebrate their twinning moment, the pals paid tribute to each other on their special day.

“@gabunion you are a shining and beautiful light,” Ross captioned her October 29th Instagram caption of a bikini pic of Union. “I love being your birthday twin. You are a force, an inspiration and one of the only people who can get me to turn up.”

I love inhabiting a world and an industry with you. Happy Birthday you glorious being!!

Union returned the favor, posting a bikini pic of Ross with the caption,”We’ve been on this journey called life together and I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to share our birthday with the baddest of the bad, the sharpest of the sharp and the beautiful-est of the beautiful!! Happy Birthday @traceeellisross.”

Last year, Union shared another photo to celebrate herself and Ross. She thanked her birthday twin for being the friend who “always gets my jokes and always down for the antics!” Union added, “Clearly, here me and @traceeellisross are ??? and @realevanross [Ross’s brother] does not see the humor on our shenanigans.”

And Ross surprised Union for her birthday last year by showing up at her house dressed as DJ Quick. “Thank you Gab for such a fun party,” she wrote. “Happy early birthday to us!”

Though they aren’t able to celebrate their birthday together this year, obviously both ladies are with each other in spirit. Happy birthday to both!