Hero sister uses her birthday money to buy her brother a hamster, melts hearts everywhere

There’s nothing cuter than a hamster, as evidenced by this…


And this.




But even more adorable than a furry little rodent noshing on pizza is a little girl who just made all of her big brother’s dreams come true.

Abby Stout recently got a hamster of her own, and because AGAIN hamsters are little bundles of cute, once her  brother Daniel set his eyeballs on it, he decided he wanted one too. So he got to werk, guys. Daniel started doing chores around the house and saving his money because he needed a hamster in his life. But clearly Abby is an awesome sister, because when she witnessed Daniel’s burning desire for a hamster, she surprised him by using her birthday money to buy one for him.

Here’s how it went down. Warning: this video really brings the feels.

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