The Frappuccino flavor of our dreams is coming tomorrow

Starbucks is getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic icy Frappuccino, and they have come up with an awesome way to mark the occasion. A limited edition Birthday Cake Frappuccino will only be available March 26th through 30th, and it sounds incredible.

What goes into this lightly caffeinated wonder? Vanilla bean, hazelnut, and a topping of raspberry whipped cream. Yes, raspberry whipped cream. I mean, you had me at hazelnut, but flavored whipped cream is really shooting the works.

This celebratory creation comes on the heels of other experimental Frappuccino blends, like the Ariana Grande, the Secret Cap’n Crunch, and their recent Girl Scout Cookie Frappuccinos. Starbucks has been making a strong case for their supposed unending list of ways to customize their signature blended beverage, and we’re pretty impressed.

Legend has it, the original Frap was invented by Greg Rogers, an assistant manager at an LA Starbucks way back in 1994, when he sensed a need for more frozen drinks in the summer months. So his outpost got a blender and he started experimenting. “I just used everything we had there. I had sugar, vanilla powder, half and half, the mocha mix that we use and shots of espresso right off the bar and made this formula. I played with it, kept adding sugar and vanilla and the manager loved it,” Rogers told Eater in an exclusive interview. Then a whole bunch of corporate things happened before the drink was refined enough to make its way across the country.

Cut to the present day and the birth of the magnificent Birthday Cake Frap. This delicious delight goes on sale tomorrow, and although we’re bummed it’s only available for less than a week, we’re still pretty pumped to drink it—all five days in a row.

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