This birthday cake croissant looks like the rainbow treat of our dreams

We have to hand it to bakers and pastry chefs. They’re the real heroes — the tasty treats they create for us are real things of wonder. There’s the rain drop cake, which looks like a giant drop of edible water. There’s fairy bread, which hopefully tastes as delightful as it sounds. There’s the rainbow bagel, because apparently bagels aren’t good enough on their own. And then, of course, there’s the cronut — the delectable treat that arguably started it all, at least when it comes to viral foods (in the internet sense, don’t be gross!).

Now we’re here to tell you about your newest obsession — the birthday cake croissant. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like, but have a look for yourself:

This delicious concoction is the brainchild of Chef Thiago Silva, a pastry chef and cake designer in Queens, NY. From what we can gather, he rolls funfetti sprinkles into the flaky croissant dough, and then stuffs the croissant with…something? Frosting, we hope! Check out this video below from his Instagram to see the fully realized treat in all its glory:

He’ll be serving these fine confections up at New York City’s Union Fare, so NYCers, go check them out! Have one for us.