This woman’s rainbow-colored hair was inspired by her birth control’s packaging

Today in things we didn’t think we’d be writing about: birth control-inspired hair color. We’ve seen rainbow hair inspired by Lisa Frank, Sour Patch Kids and watercolors — but this is on another level. April, a pharmacist, was inspired by the colors of a package of Tayulla birth control that she saw at work. According to Allure, before coloring her hair she showed the box to her colorist, Ruby Devine, and asked her to take a cue from the color and pattern for her next hair change. A scroll through Devine’s Instagram proves that she’s no stranger to creating bold, vivid looks on her clients.

“I love a creative challenge,” Devine told Allure.

Devine used underlights — placing the vivid colors underneath a layer of April’s naturally black hair — to create the look. This technique allows the color to peek out when she has her hair down. It also makes it easier for April to conceal the technicolor hues if the situation calls for it. We don’t know if April isn’t allowed to have colorful hair at her pharmacist job, but if not, this is a great way to get away with it on the low.

This is what birth control-inspired rainbow hair color looks like.

“And yes… it glows in the black light,” she added in a caption of one of the photos of the hair color — answering the question we were all thinking.

You know what they say about inspiration: You never know how it will strike.

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