This bird’s Rihanna impression is seriously on-point

We’ve heard some pretty good Rihanna impressions over the years. Celine Dion sang like Rihanna on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Christina Aguilera’s impressions on The Ellen DeGeneres Show were pretty impressive, too. But we’ve never heard an impression quite like this before.

Because this bird does a seriously awesome Rihanna.

Specifically Rihanna’s verse on Eminem’s “Monster.” Check it out. false

How crazy is that?

We’re pretty sure this bird and that parrot who sings Sia will flock together to start a chorus — or a pop music revolution — any day now.

But the bird isn’t just belting out “Monster” like no other.

It’s also blowing up the Twittersphere.


Some are even coming for the singer herself.

Others are shouting out her would-be collaborators. false

All we know is, no matter how well this bird rocks it, he’s gonna have to seriously expand his repertoire if he wants to come for the queen.

Bird, bye.

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