People are doing something called the “Bird Box Challenge,” and it’s dangerous AF

The Netflix movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock as a mom trying to save her two children from a mysterious supernatural force was an end-of-year breakout hit. The film was an immediate success, with Netflix reporting record-breaking viewership in the first week after it debuted on December 21st. And while Netflix is no doubt thrilled by the movie’s popularity, they’re less than pleased about the new viral trend it has inspired: the “Bird Box Challenge.”

Fans of Bird Box have taken to social media to share photos and videos of themselves doing various things while blindfolded—just like the characters in the movie trying to avoid terrifying demonic forces. Though many of the videos are seemingly harmless—involving applying makeup or eating food blindfolded—some are downright dangerous, with participants risking injury by walking into things or falling over. We’re always fans of a fun viral challenge, but this just seems unwise.

Netflix has addressed the “Bird Box Challenge” directly, taking to Twitter on Wednesday, January 2nd to implore that fans don’t partake.

The company noted that though it appreciates the love from fans, this challenge is simply not worth ending up in the hospital for a viral internet meme…and they’re totally right. As with any viral social media challenge, safety should take precedence over a few Instagram likes. Trust us, and trust the Netflix gods.

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