26 gifts for your cousin who binge watches every single show that exists

Whether it’s a weekend of re-watching Stranger Things (both seasons to see the evolution of Steve Harrington’s hair) or starting a brand-new TV series, an expert binge-watcher needs their proper supplies. To make the most out of the Netflix/Hulu/Amazon marathoning experience, they’ll need a high-definition TV, snacks galore, and cozy clothes to lounge in. If you’ve got a newly GOT-obsessed cousin or a co-worker who won’t stop talking about discovering the HBO classic Six Feet Under for the first time, this is the perfect holiday gift guide.

Here are 26 gifts to get the #1 binge-watcher in your orbit, just in time for the release of Black Mirror Season 4.

1Raven and Crow Blend Crewneck in Moon, $68


Raven and Crow makes its clothes with bamboo fabric, so it’s not only snuggly-soft, but eco-conscious since bamboo is the fastest growing plant and doesn’t need much to grow. You’ll feel good about helping Mother Earth while your cuz is lounging in comfort while catching up on Riverdale. Win-win.

2TJ Maxx Domain Buffalo Plaid Faux Fur Pillow, $19.99


Imagine spreading out on the couch surrounded by 20 of these cozy pillows. HEAVEN.

3TCL S-Series Roku Smart TV, starting at $159.99


A master binge-watcher is going to need a bomb TV, OBVI. After all, they’ll be spending most of their time with this baby. Why not give the ultimate gift — a ROKU SMART TV! They’ll be able to access over 50,000 of their favorite shows and movies in sexy HD.

4Nifty Nabber Plus, $19.99


Grab the remote, snacks, and phone without even having to move an inch.

5Casper Pillow, $55


Why choose between soft and supportive when you could have both in one pillow?

6Casper Sheet Set, $120


If they’re more of a bed binge-watcher than a couch potato, Casper sheets are a truly thoughtful gift.

7Room Service Flannel Pajamas, $88


Face it, binge-watching is all about staying home in your pajamas, and this Room Service set is worth every penny.

8Victrola Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker, $150


Listen to that 25 watt sound in style.

9Mia Aroma Diffuser, $39.99


Keep that dark, secluded room cave (that they’re streaming old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in) smelling good with this gadget.

10Target Christmas Popcorn Tin, price in store


What’s movie-watching without some popcorn?

11Nvidia Shield TV, starting at $149


This is the perfect gift for the binge-watcher who doubles as a gamer.

12Meridian Throw Blanket, $199


Throw blankets are like a second skin to the binge-watching king or queen.

13Heos 1 Portable Speaker, $149


Whether they binge-watch in the bath, backyard, or basement, this portable speaker will make sure they’ve got good sound.

14Utz Variety Snack Pack, $3.99


Get them this generous Utz  chips pack, but don’t forget the dip.

15Bravino Sparkling Rose, $9.99


For when they need a little bit of booze with those episodes of The Crown.

16California Roots Red Blend Wine, $5


Perhaps they are more of a red wine person? This $5 red blend from Target pairs well with a Mindhunter marathon.

17Anya Lust Maiya Sheer Robe, $435


Who says you have to binge-watch in sweatpants? This sheer robe is the ultimate splurge for those who would rather stay in and watch their “stories.”

18Bingewatching Beauty Kit, $21.95


Yes, there is a binge-watching beauty kit, and it has cleansing towelettes, dental floss, breath drops, fuzzy socks, and more — everything you need to avoid showering for a few days. (Though it is missing a tweezer for our chin hairs, because plucking those monstrosities while watching TV is so satisfying.)

19Project 7 Christmas Champagne Dreams Gummies, $3.80


Warning: They won’t be able to eat just a couple of these. Might as well get them two.

20Utz Cheese Balls, $6.15


Picturing someone binge-watching while having this cheese ball bucket on their lap is a truly Instagrammable moment.

21Blush Long Faux Fur Throw, $17.99


For the millennial pink-loving binge-watching kween.

22 Smart Home Lighting System Caseta Wireless, $79.95


They’ll be able to hook up their house lighting to this system so they can quickly shut off lights when it’s time to re-watch American Horror Story: Coven.

23Wrapped Masterpieces, Milk Chocolate Caramel Lions of Belgium, $27.99


Ain’t nothing like eating Godiva chocolates in front of the small screen.

24Airfree Air Purifier, $299


They are not going to want the room to be all stuffy when they’re in there for 14 hours straight. This air purifier will do the trick.

25T-Mobile JBL E45BT On Ear Headphones, $69.97


For the person who is secretly catching up on shows while riding on the subway or sitting in class.

26Pepperidge Farm Milano Candy Cane Cookies, $2.50


What goes better with marathoning all of The Bold Type than the classic crunch of a Milano cookie?

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