Bindi Irwin just posted a “rebellious” photo on Instagram

It’s hard to believe, but Bindi Irwin is no longer that cute-as-a-button little daughter of the late Steve Irwin (aka the Crocodile Hunter). She’s a 17-year-old person! And as a teenager, she’s bound to experience at least a bit of rebellion. Right? No, not really. Bindi’s latest Instagram post actually pokes fun of the fact that she hasn’t gone through an out-of-control stage. As in, standing in a forest behind this “Do Not Enter” sign is the worst crime she’s committed.

Literally. Bindi’s humorous caption says it all! She’s comfortable being herself, someone who doesn’t get into crazy mischief. That’s not to say that Bindi doesn’t have fun, however. Her Instagram account is a positive example of a young girl who seizes the moment and leads an exciting life full of travel, animals, family, and of course her boyfriend, professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell. Last month, he asked Bindi to prom in the sweetest possible way, and the two of them together are seriously adorable.

Oh, and as if all that isn’t enough to keep Bindi busy, she’s also an actress, favorite TV personality, and conservationist (who somehow has time to be totally glorious on Dancing with the Stars). She also hugs baby tigers, which, come on, #lifegoals.

Clearly, Bindi is living her best life — and most importantly, not feeling pressured to go out partying all the time or go looking for trouble just because she’s a teenager. We look forward to lots more “rebellious” and super self-aware Instagram photos from Bindi in the future! Just don’t grow up too fast, please.