Bindi Irwin showed up at her ‘DWTS’ rehearsal with the biggest snake ever

Bindi Irwin is currently slaying it on Dancing With the Stars. Bindi and her partner, Derek Hough, are completely owning the dance floor, and have emerged as two of our faves this season. But, sometimes DWTS stars likes to switch things up, and Irwin found herself with a new partner this week, Val Chmerkovskiy. Wanting to give him a nice, warm Irwin welcome, she brought a HUGE, GIANT SNAKE to their first rehearsal. I mean, of course.

Actually, the snake just isn’t a huge, giant snake, but a huge, giant female python snake. Chmerkovskiy walks into the rehearsal space, and then immediately walks back out. Irwin can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to cuddle with this magnificent reptile, and after a little bit of coaxing, Chmerkovskiy comes over to pet it (is “pet” the right word for a snake? IDK).

Even though he’s putting on a very brave face, Chmerkovskiy is clearly terrified, and we can’t blame him. This is also not the first time this season Irwin has introduced a giant snake to the dancing stars. She wrapped one around her OG partner, Hough, when they first met, and even danced Britney-style with a snake a few weeks ago.

Don’t worry, everyone. She’s clearly a pro at this. If she wants to hang out and dance with a giant snake, we should let her. She did score a perfect 10 for her routine last night, so it seems like she totally knows what she’s doing.

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