Billy Eichner loves working with Sarah Paulson on “American Horror Story” Season 7

We’ve all kind of been wondering how Billy Eichner, the comedian behind Billy on the Street, is going to fit into the uber scary, always creepy American Horror Story. While we don’t know who he’s going to be playing in the 2016 election-themed Season 7, we do know one thing: He’s majorly in awe of Sarah Paulson on set. Listen, we feel that.

Apparently, Eichner is so in awe of Paulson’s immense skill that he’s having a hard time staying focused.

“The actors are great,” Eichner told Bustle. “I mean Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters — they’re so good. They’re really good.”

He continued, “I’m in scenes with them and I’m trying to stay in the moment, but there’s another voice that’s like, ‘Man, Sarah Paulson’s good.’ When you see [her acting] up close it’s really amazing.” We can imagine!

We’re all eager to see how Eichner tackles his unnamed character. Like, is there room for humor in the upcoming season?

American Horror Story is a whole different ballgame,” he said. “A whole different genre. I’m learning a lot, I think, and I hope I’m doing a good job. And it’s challenging. I love being a part of it and hopefully, I won’t ruin it.”

We’re certain Eichner can’t ruin anything, so no fear, Billy. You’re gonna kill it (probably literally, knowing AHS).