Billy Eichner summed up America’s gun laws in his most hilarious — and eye opening — sketch yet

Though his Billy on the Street sketches are always hilarious, Billy Eichner — and Keegan-Michael Key — just reminded us that great comedy can also come with a really powerful message, too, in an obstacle course sketch skewering America’s shockingly lax gun laws.

In “Super Sloppy, Semi-Automatic Double Dare,” the shouty host has the erstwhile Key & Peele star tackle a series of obstacles, with each one also informing viewers about various gun policies that actually exist in U.S. states.

For example, did you know that you can now bring concealed weapons to daycare centers in Michigan? You will after you watch this sketch, thanks to Key jumping around in a sandbox full of kids trying to search for the hidden (presumably plastic) semi-automatic in its depths.

Did you also know that, in Kansas, you can carry a concealed weapon around pretty much anywhere without a license, or a training requirement? Because this crazy fact will definitely be stuck in your brain once you see Key stand his ground and shoot the Cowardly Lion on the Yellow Brick Road from Oz.

“The more guns that you acquire, the safer and more American you become!” Eichner shouts deliriously, as he and Key move from state to state in “the first obstacle course without any real obstacles.”

Of course Eichner’s patented brand of one-off pop culture statements is still in there — “it is easier to buy a Golden Globe nomination for Gael García Bernal than it is to get a gun in California” had us in tears — but by showing us how much donation money our representatives have accepted from the NRA (John McCain staggeringly accepted $7.5 million, while Tom Thillis from North Carolina accepted $4.5, just to get a sense of who is getting these bills passed in Congress) in the midst of jokes about the mysterious whereabouts of Jane Kaczmarek, Eichner just proved why he’s one of the top comedians to watch.

We still have a ton of work to do in making America a safer, better place for all of its residents, but with dudes like Eichner and Key firmly on our side, we at least have some hope that people will choose to get informed … and hopefully, be spurred to action.