This video of Billy Eichner screaming at Emma Stone about Instagram is a true gift

Even though it often feels like celebrities and Instagram go hand-in-hand, there are still a few hold outs. And Emma Stone, who’s famously not on social media and has spoken out about why she hates “picture perfect” Instagram moments, is one of them. However, Billy Eichner has officially made it his mission to get the Maniac star to join Instagram, recruiting a team of unsuspecting New Yorkers to help convince her.

In the newest episode of Billy on the Street, Eichner stops a bunch of random strangers to ask if they think Stone should get an Instagram account—and the results are hilariously mixed. One bystander seemed flustered, while another confused her for Emma Watson and proclaimed his love for Harry Potter (LOL). Others definitely thought she should join the platform, though one man—who admitted to seeing La La Land five times—argued that she doesn’t need social media, because “she’s a movie actress.”

The most perplexed participant was perhaps the woman who genuinely couldn’t believe the actress is social-media free. “You don’t have an Instagram?” she asked with concern. “Why not? How do you keep in touch with the latest things? Everyone and everything is on there. Even Will Smith just made an Instagram!”

Check out the video below to see it all unfold.

Only time will tell if Eichner convinced Stone to join the ‘gram, but until then, we’re going to just replay this video a billion times. And if you want to see even more Stone, her new Netflix show with Jonah Hill, Maniac, drops September 21st.

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