Billie Lourd’s “Scream Queens” costars are showing their support after her grandmother Debbie Reynolds passed, and we’re sending so much love

The world just lost another treasure this week — Carrie Fisher’s mother, the legendary Debbie Reynolds, passed a day after her daughter. And needless to say, we cannot even begin to imagine what actress Billie Lourd is going through today (she was Fisher’s daughter and Reynold’s granddaughter). But we’re glad to know Lourd’s Scream Queens’ costars are showing their support.

Almost everyone has heard of Carrie Fisher and the iconic role of Princess Leia, but younger generations may not be as familiar with her mother, the incomparable Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds was catapulted to international fame when she starred in one of the most famous musicals of all time, 1952’s Singing in the Rain, and remained a staple of Hollywood talent and glam throughout her career.

And because of her incredible super-stardom, it can be easy to forget that she was also a beloved mother and grandma. Luckily, Lourd’s friends and costars are keeping her in their hearts.

Here’s just a little of what they had to say.

Abigail Breslin kept her message brief, and followed it up with a broken heart emoji.

At only 24-years-old, Lourd has experienced unimaginable loss this week. We’re sending so very much love her way. and we just hope she’s surrounded by friends and loved ones who can support her through this terrible time. We’re thinking of you, Billie. And know that your mother and grandmother will never be forgotten.