Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner have broken up, because nothing gold can stay

Love is a beautiful, fleeting, fickle thing, so it’s with a heavy heart that we tell you one of our favorite couples has recently called it quits. As reports, Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner have broken up and, listen, we’re just as devastated as you are about this.

The two former Scream Queen alumni met on the set of the Fox show last year and started dating around December 2016. Taylor was by Billie’s side during the medical troubles with her mother, the late Carrie Fisher; he was also there for her (and her whole family) following the passing of both Fisher and Lourd’s grandmother, Debbie Reynolds. Taylor was serious boyfriend goals, and it appeared that Billie leaned on him for support during this tough time. (And we were like, “These two are beautiful together, never part.”)

Well, we can’t always have everything we want, and that includes Billie and Taylor together forever. As a source told People, “They aren’t together anymore but they are still friendly. She’s really focused on her work right now.”

That means gone are the adorable Instagram posts of the two of them, traveling the world together and hanging out at home on a chill night. (People noted that “they have been quiet on Instagram since late May, going weeks without liking each other’s posts.” Also to note: it appears as if all pictures of Taylor are gone from Billie’s Instagram, and ?.)

Next, we’ll see Billie in American Horror Story Season 7, and Taylor has…um, nothing coming up at the moment, but we’re sure he’ll find something great soon! Wishing both of them nothing but the best right now.