Billie Lourd just posted her first photo with Gary Fisher following their mom’s passing

It’s hard to imagine what Billie Lourd has been going through since she lost her mom Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds back in December — just one day apart. Since their deaths, Lourd has been surrounding herself with her friends and boyfriend Taylor Lautner.

But she has also been spending a lot of her time with one special little guy who wasn’t just near and dear to Carrie’s heart — he was her total sidekick. Gary Fisher was Carrie’s 4-year-old Frenchie who went everywhere with his mom. They were best pals, each other’s emotional support, and the wind beneath each other’s wings. Gary was so popular with Carrie’s fans, he even has his own Instagram page with over 132 thousand followers.

That’s one beloved pup (for good reason).


After Carrie’s death, it was reported that Lourd would be taking care of Gary — which is probably incredibly healing for both of them. We’ve been waiting to see what the two of them have been up to, and now we finally know. They’ve just been hanging out together, taking adorable Snapchat videos. At least, one Snapchat video, anyway.

Lourd posted the cutest video of the two of them to Instagram on Tuesday in celebration of Gary’s fifth birthday. While Lourd used the dog filter on her own face, Gary didn’t need a filter. Because he’s already a dog.

“??? Happy 5th / 35th birthday to my #brotherfromanothermother #sunsouttonguesout,” she captioned the photo.

“Gary” posted a birthday picture of himself on his own Instagram page and seems to be super chill about turning five.

“Happy 5th b day to me ?? #garyfisher #garyloveshismom #garymisseshismom #itsmybirthday,” he wrote.

We’re sure both Lourd and Gary miss their mom in indescribable ways, but we’re so happy to know that they have each other.

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