Billie Lourd had a rainbow-filled birthday bash, and we wish we were invited

Turning 25 is definitely a big deal. That’s why actress Billie Lourd decided to have a party this weekend to celebrate. Her official birthday is today, July 17th, and we’re hoping she’s having as much fun right now as she did over the weekend.

Since her big day is smack dab in the middle of summer, she decided to host a pool party. The guest list, as expected, was pretty noteworthy — not only was Emma Roberts invited, but Colton Haynes also shared a fun shot of the party on Instagram.

This was Lourd’s first birthday without her notable mom and grandmother, but we know they would have loved absolutely everything about this party.

As you can see, rainbows were a big part of it. As were photobooth props. Lourd posted a picture of her ultimate favorite party photos on her own account, and it looks like everyone had a blast.

Haynes’ photo mentions that the party also included water slides and food trucks. Judging by her emoji-filled caption, we’re wondering if one of those trucks had tacos. If so, she’s entering “best party of all time” territory.

Of course, Lourd looked truly stunning during the big event.

She’s pretty close to matching her own decor, and we’re almost positive that she pulled that move on purpose. But really, Lourd has an eye for color — we love how everything came together.

While we sadly won’t be seeing Lourd rock her signature earmuffs anymore on Scream Queens, she’ll be appearing in the upcoming movie Billionaire Boys Club, and will also be following her mother’s footsteps by starring in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We can’t wait to check them out.

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