Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner prove that the couple that face masks together, stays together

The couple that vacations together stays together. Couple goals continue as Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd go on a family vacation together. Seriously, they are so cute.

From the moment these two started dating, every picture they’ve taken has given us major #RelationshipGoals. They’ve traveled to London, hung out in LA, went to a poppy field, and more.

Now, the duo has upped their travel game and added a few people to their posse. Over the past few days, Lautner has joined in on Lourd’s family vacay and it’s too sweet.

In honor of Lourd’s stepfather, Bruce Bozzi’s birthday, the family took a tropical vacation.

While relaxing together as a group, Bozzi posted a hilarious photo of everyone on the trip getting their #selfcare on. The group includes the Scream Queens actress, Lautner, Bozzi and Lourd’s father, Bryan Lourd.

"The family that masks together lasts together! Hello 4/3/17 #fresh #relax @praisethelourd," Bozzi captioned the pic.

From the looks of it, this is a very relaxing vacation and we SO wish we were there.

The Twilight alum shared a picture from the tropical destination as well, and again we’re jealous.

"This tree is 360 years old. It could be my great great great great grandma. Instead, it's just a very old tree. 😎🌴😎," he wrote.

We’re getting serious Hawaiian vibes over here, but the destination is still unknown.

The 24-year-old actress shared a gorgeous sunset photo from the getaway on Sunday.

“??? #sundaysunset,” she captioned the post.

Clearly, this is a beach day and watching the sunset kind of vacay, and we’re all for it. Maybe they are on an island somewhere soaking up the sun and going to the spa? Okay, that’s pretty much exactly what the couple is doing, but we can’t get over it.

Plus, spending time with each other’s family makes them that much cuter of a couple.