Billie Eilish’s Vintage Lingerie Photoshoot for ‘Vogue’ Is Stunning, but Let’s Talk About That Tattoo

She said we'd never see it, but she should have never said never.

In October 2020, Billie Eilish told us via her annual Vanity Fair video interview we’d never see the tattoo she got earlier that year. But she should have taken some advice from her friend Justin Bieber to never say never. Eilish appears on the June 2021 cover of British Vogue in a way we’ve never seen her before—in form-fitted corsets, high heels, and showing off more skin than ever. And though we can’t see the full picture, so to speak, we did get a glimpse of that secret tattoo.

The tattoo, which travels from her upper thigh to her lower stomach, is best seen in the photo of Eilish wearing a custom camel-colored Burberry trench and mesh-paneled corset. It’s hard to tell what exactly the tattoo is of, but fans seem to think it’s a traditional Japanese-style dragon done in black and gray.

“IS THAT HER TATTOO?!?!?!?!?!” one stan commented, receiving over 92,000 likes. Another fan added, “The tattoo omg,” receiving over 86,000 likes. Some eagle-eyed fans also spotted what appears to be another tattoo on her sternum, most visible in the custom catsuit by Mugler.

The zooming in, upping the brightness, and zooming in some more has us feeling like the computer whizzes on those primetime network crime shows.

So not only are Billie Eilish fans being treated to this rarely displayed side to their idol who normally sports oversized tops, long pants, and clunky boots, but they’ve also unlocked the secret tattoo they thought they’d never get a chance to see. It’s a lot to take in for Billie Eilish nation.

“Don’t make me not a role model because you’re turned on by me,” Eilish said in her British Vogue interview. Aye aye, captain. Say no more, the stans cry.

Eilish still hasn’t shown us the entirety of her tattoo(s), which means she still has a secret that she can keep to herself. But this shred of evidence has been enough to send the stans screaming, and we’ll be riding this high for the rest of the week.

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