Billie Eilish Just Cut Her Hair Into an Effortlessly Cool Shaggy Bob

She wanted to be just like her mama.

When Billie Eilish revealed her blonde hair back in March, she pretty much broke the internet. Her photos racked up millions of likes in mere minutes, and she’s doing it again with her latest reveal: her new chop. Eilish took to her Instagram Stories on August 23rd to show off her shorter ‘do before dropping a vid in her grid as well.

Eilish gave fans a peek at her choppy bob haircut—still blonde, of course—from inside the car. While swishing it around to show off every angle, Eilish let fans know that the new look was inspired by her mother, Maggie Baird. Eilish shared a couple pictures of Baird on her Stories as well to show exactly where she copied her, writing “just like mama”!

But nothing’s official until it’s in the grid, right? So Eilish took one of those videos and dropped it into her grid, simply writing, gone. We see that!

With her pearl jewelry, crewneck, and pout all coordinating with her shaggy bob hair, it’s a look that’s firmly in this new era for the Happier Than Ever singer.

Billie Eilish with short blonde hair

For Eilish’s Happier Than Ever era, she got rid of her iconic black and green hair color and instead opted for a bright blonde. She also turned her hair into a very trendy shag with bangs. Her new bob haircut allows her to keep the shagginess so it still looks fun and effortless.

We love how much Eilish is really going for it with her style these days. From her gorgeous British Vogue spread to now her fun haircut, she’s really living it up. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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