Billie Eilish Steps Out With Jesse Rutherford, Sparking Relationship Rumors

The two musicians have been seen kissing and hugging around Los Angeles recently.

It seems official “enough.” Badass singer/songwriter Billie Eilish and The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford are making their feelings for each other more public than ever.

The two musicians have been seen in very close company over the past few weeks, and while celebrity relationships form in all kinds of ways, the age difference between Eilish and Rutherford has some fans less than ‘Happier Than Ever.’

Eilish, 20, was most recently seen with Rutherford, 31, outside of a Los Angeles restaurant. Photos of the two sharing kisses, holding hands, and embracing make it pretty apparent something is going on, though no reports have surfaced from either celebrity that they are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend.

Holding hands at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, laughing in the window of Lal Mirch Indian restaurant, sharing an intimate, three-hour long dinner at vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen… it seems as though Eilish and Rutherford are deep into cuffing season, with no signs of slowing down.

Still, many fans are showing concern for the new pairing, based on how much older Rutherford is from the Grammy-award-winning siren. While plenty of celebrities have dated outside of their own age range, a few photos resurfaced showing a young, 15-year-old Eilish with Rutherford, who would have been 26 at the time.

Since both stars are big names in the music business, it’s only natural that they likely run in many of the same circles. Whether they’ve been romantically linked in the past isn’t yet known; Rutherford’s most recent relationship was with model Devon Lee Carlson, which lasted for six years and ended in November 2021, according to Elle

Eilish herself has only had a few short-lived romances, one with actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, and another with rapper Q, as reported by Capital FM

Now that Eilish and Rutherford are getting cozier, we’ll see how long their honeymoon phase lasts. For now, the fan reactions are definitely entertaining enough.

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